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The NOVS Method -7 Fundamental Keys to Great Singing™

Narelle's personal method of vocal instruction – which has been proven successful since its creation, is an effective training system where you can experience vocal breakthroughs in the shortest amount of time and almost immediate results on your *first lesson! Try it to feel the difference.  

Her singing lessons consist of a tailored curriculum customised specifically for you, targeting those areas that will have the most impact on your abilities. Learn from expanding your range, using your diaphragm properly, experimenting with vocal registers i.e. chest, belt, mix, head voice and different styles; perfecting singing articulation and much more. Narelle Ong Vocal Studio is definitely the go-to place to learn both proper vocal technique and exploring vocal styles/genres (highly recommended by students!)


Absorb Narelle's positive energy in her lively and fun classes. She uses positive reinforcement and encouragement in her instructions and instead of critique, she approaches constructive professional feedback to spur you onwards and help you overcome your singing struggles.

Enjoy the learning process and be inspired by her!

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