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Studio Policies/ Terms & Conditions   

Cancellation Policy
  • Student Cancellation 
- Minimum 1 day’s notice 
- For same day cancellation due to urgent matters, emergencies or if you last minute fall sick, please let me know minimum 6 hours notice. Less than 6 hours notice, the lesson will be forfeited.
  • Teacher Cancellation 
As much as possible, I will try not to cancel our booked appointment. But sometimes I do fall sick unexpectedly and cannot teach. I will notify you with minimum 1 day's notice.
For same day cancellation due to unforeseen urgent matters or emergencies, I will try to give you at least 4 - 6 hours notice. But depending on the degree of urgency and state of emergency, there might be a very short notice given of less than 2 hours. I seek your kind understanding should an unfortunate event take place beyond my control.
Rescheduling Policy
  • We can make a few attempts of rescheduling to find a date/time that works well for you if given notice. 
  • However, if you reschedule your paid booked slot more than 2 times, you won’t be able to reschedule for a 3rd time and the class will be forfeited. Thank you for respecting my professional time and the slot that has been reserved for you. 
  • However, if I am the one needing to reschedule our booked slot due to unforeseen circumstances, we will jointly make several attempts of rescheduling. 
No-Refund Policy
All slots booked and payment made are final and there will not be any refunds should you decide not to attend the lesson.
However, there will be a refund given if I fall severely ill over a prolonged period or if we attempted rescheduling but was not successful. In the event that a student unfortunately loses his/her speaking voice and singing voice, a full refund will most definitely be issued, but a medical letter would be required for verification. 
4-Lessons Package T&C
As the package is discounted, there will be a validity period of 3 months to complete the 4 lessons. If you are not able to complete the lessons within the validity period, the balance will be forfeited. There will not be any refunds or date extension. If you cannot commit for these 3 months, please opt for the Ad-Hoc Single Lesson instead.


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