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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of singing styles do you teach?

I teach all styles, in any genres, such as Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues, Musical Theatre, Gospel/Christian Worship, and including Alternative Rock. Apart from English songs, I can also do Mandarin, Cantonese/Hokkien, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Malay, Indian etc. Give me any song that you want to learn and I will teach you how to sing it.

2. I have no experience at all and have never sung before. How can you help me?

You are not expected to know how to sing when you walk into your 1st Lesson. That's what I am here for - to coach, encourage and guide you into the right track! Therefore, you need not have prior training – I am experienced in teaching students of all levels and abilities. My individualised approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in vocal technique and, with a consistent home practice routine, shows rapid progress from week to week.

3. How long does it take to learn singing?

It depends on what level you want to achieve. The pace of vocal progress depends on your ability, musical background, self-initiative, and especially your home practice habits. Once you begin vocal study, it is recommended that you commit to at least 3 months of regular weekly lessons to experience discernible vocal progress. Most professional singers train for at least 2 - 5 years minimum. So if you want to sound like your favourite singer or be able to sing like someone who competes on a national singing competition-level, you need to commit for several years. But if you're learning just for leisure and would like to know some quick tips to improve your singing, then you can try out professional vocal lessons between 1 to 6 months. Mastering the Art of Singing is a learned craft which requires a lot of coordination. Our vocal cords are made up of soft tissues and our diaphragm (breathing support) is a muscle; therefore, vocal training is exactly like sports. It's all about tissue/muscle coordination and muscle memory, which takes time. Be patient.

4. How many lessons should I sign up for?

I recommend that you start by signing up for an Introductory Lesson (Trial Class 60 Mins) so that you can get a feel of the studio without making a major commitment. If you enjoy your experience and want to continue, you can then register for a month's worth of lessons (4 x 60 Mins Private 1-to-1 Lessons). Once you begin vocal study, it is recommended that you commit to at least 3 months of lessons to experience discernible vocal progress.

5. What can I expect on my first lesson?

Prospective students are scheduled for an introductory lesson. This session gives the student the opportunity to determine whether the Narelle Ong Vocal Studio is a good fit for them. During this 60-minute session we will discuss your experience, goals, and interests. I will conduct an evaluation of your current vocal technique through a series of vocal exercises and warmups. You will also be asked to sing a familiar song (your choice). I will then suggest a series of goals and strategies to get you on the right track. There is no obligation to sign up for more lessons right away. If you enjoy my teaching style and find my studio condusive for learning, you can then sign up for a one-month package.

6. How often should I come for lessons?

Once a week would be a good maintenance on top of your regular practice on your own. If you need more help, you can come 2x a week or increase the class duration time per session.

7. Does my age matter?

Anyone can pick up singing, whether you are young or old! You only need to be old enough to concentrate and follow directions. If you plan to send your child for lessons, he/she has to be minimum 4 years of age and must be able to take instructions well.

8. How can I book for a class?

Booking is via SMS or Whatsapp to (+65) 8797 7800. Please drop me a text with your preferable date and time and I will get back to you on the availability.

9. What are the dates and times during the week that you are available?

I am available to teach almost daily from 10.30am to 9.30pm (last booking 8.30pm) except Public Holidays I close and when I take leave or travel. Booking is strictly by appointment only and is on a first come first serve basis. You may book classes up to 4 weeks in advance. 

10. How do you charge and what are the payment modes that you accept?

Your first 60 Mins Trial Lesson/First Consultation will be SGD$150. Subsequently, lessons are sold in a package, which is $600 for 4 x 60 Mins Private 1-to-1 Vocal Lessons (3 months validity). For Group Rates, please refer to the Lesson Rates page. I accept Cash, Cheque, Interbank Transfer/PayNow or Credit Card via Paypal (subject to a 5% transaction fee)

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