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The NOVS Method -7 Fundamental Keys to Great Singing™

Narelle's personal method of vocal instruction – which has been proven successful since its creation, is an effective training system where you can experience vocal breakthroughs in the shortest amount of time and almost immediate results on your *first lesson. Do note however that different individuals will have varying results. 

Her singing lessons consist of a tailored curriculum customised specifically for you, targeting those areas that will have the most impact on your abilities. But more importantly, laying the foundations of vocal techniques such as understanding in-depth about your vocal range, learning about the 4 vocal registers (e.g. chest, belt, mix, head), importance of building breath stamina (breathing for singing has totally nothing to do with the diaphragm based on science!), applying an open throat technique when you belt or sing in the head voice, perfecting singing articulation, digging deep into your emotional artistry, and having a chance to learn advanced techniques as well like embellishing a song (e.g. improvisations such as vocal runs, grace notes & ad libs). Narelle Ong Vocal Studio is definitely the go-to place to learn both proper vocal technique and exploring vocal styles/genres.


Absorb Narelle's positive energy in her lively and fun classes. She uses positive reinforcement and encouragement in her instructions and instead of critique, she approaches constructive professional feedback to spur you onwards and help you overcome your singing struggles.

Enjoy the learning process and be inspired by her!

Additional Fun Facts About Learning Singing:

Did you know that in the USA, there are actually 3 categories of "singing teachers"?

1. Vocal Pedagogue

2. Voice Teacher

3. Vocal Coach

What's the difference between them, aren't they all the same? Let's take a closer look.

Vocal Pedagogue VS Voice Teacher VS Vocal Coach

A vocal pedagogue is someone who studied the art and science of voice function. Most of these pedagogues do evidence-based voicework. They probably hold a doctorate, masters, or a degree in vocal pedagogy.

A voice teacher is someone who focuses on proper vocal technique and how to apply that technique to the repertoire. They explain how the voice works, how to achieve a healthy sound in a free and easy manner with proper support, registration and resonance. They build the voice, correcting any technical deficiencies or imperfections and teach the students how to apply good technique to all styles of singing without damaging the voice.

A vocal coach is someone who assists singers in preparing for performances. They'll teach students the songs, working on articulation, phrasing, emotional artistry, stage presence, styling and suggesting ways on how a singer can improvise a song. The coach will make individual arrangements tailored to each student's strengths. A good vocal coach won't interfere with vocal technique if they notice any issues, instead they'll explain to the student what the issues are and then ask the student to discuss it with his/her voice teacher.

Narelle is both a Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach!

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