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Karaoke Singing

Love going to karaoke but always find that you sound bad, not good enough, run out of breath stamina, can't hit the high notes, or end up with a sore throat after the session?

Let Vocal Coach Narelle help you so that you can enjoy your favourite past-time/hobby!

Work through Your Song List:

  • Figure out the vocal range required for the songs & determine your own vocal range

  • Find out what key to sing the songs in that will help you feel most comfortable

  • Work on singing articulation (Chinese song is not that bad, English song is tough!)

  • Plan breathing points

  • Discover various Vocal Registers in the song & learn how to blend them (e.g. Chest, Belt, Mix, Head)

  • Learn how to express well and bring out emotional artistry

  • and much more!

How Many Lessons Do I Need?

An average beginner takes about 4-8 lessons to study a song in-depth (theory wise), but whether he/she can grasp the concepts/techniques well and then applying them practically is another thing. If I can be honest, it will actually take months and even years to fully master the art of singing and change your vocal tone & timbre. It's a music skill that needs a lot of time, patience, commitment and practice. It also depends on your goals and level of achievement. If you want to sing it perfectly, you need more time. If you just want to get quick vocal tips & sing for fun, then you don't really need a long duration. Vocal Coach Narelle will assess your voice during the Trial Class, look at your songs and then advice accordingly. She will also craft a customised effective vocal training plan, but whether you will be hardworking and pro-active enough to practice, it really depends on you.

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