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Not Sure If Singing Lessons Is For You? Let's do a Video Reaction on Your Singing 

Just for SGD$30 you get a professional feedback from yours truly on your singing! Submit me a video of yourself singing a song and get a constructive response from me.


What Do I Cover In My Video Reaction:

  • Determine the Vocal Range of the Song and if it suits your current range. If it's not, I will suggest what Key you should sing the song in for you to still be able to sing your favourite song in a more comfortable way

  • Highlighting What Vocal Registers (Chest, Belt, Mix, Head) are engaged in the song and how to blend them

  • Assessing Your Breath Stamina & Emotional Artistry

  • Checking Your Articulation

  • Suggest a Vocal Training Plan 

  • Advice if Singing Lessons is For You

How To Submit A Video:

  • Email your video to

  • Pay SGD$30 via Paynow or PayPal (subject to a 5% transaction fee)

  • Receive my response within 1 week's time through a private, non-public Youtube video link

This will be an exciting, fun discovery, and I can't wait to help you!

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