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Talent Grooming

You have a child that loves singing a lot but you're not sure if he/she has a "talent" for it and you're wondering if you should invest in building up this skill?

Let Vocal Coach Narelle help you decide! If your child shows excessive talent, she might even groom them to be a performing artist, take graded singing exams, or even to be a vocal coach, just like her, as a possible career path.

Assessing "Talent":

  • Determine the child's current vocal range & age (if your child is under 6 years old, her classes will not be suitable)

  • Find out what genre/styles of singing your child likes (e.g Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Choral Music, Classical etc.)

  • Figure out his/her level of maturity as her classes are usually quite technical, specifically about the mastery of the art of singing

  • If you still want Narelle to coach your child who is less mature, she will adjust the lesson plan accordingly to just learning new songs, exposing to wide styles of music, and just appreciating music and having a fun time

  • How "technical" the session will be, she will play by ear on the child's attention span during class time

How Many Lessons Does My Child Need?

An average beginner takes about 4-8 lessons to study a song in-depth (theory wise), but whether he/she can grasp the concepts/techniques well and then applying them practically is another thing. If I can be honest, it will actually take months and even years to fully master the art of singing and change your vocal tone & timbre. It's a music skill that needs a lot of time, patience, commitment and practice. It also depends on your goals and level of achievement. If you want your child to sing perfectly, you need more time. If you just want to get quick vocal tips & sing for fun, then you don't really need a long duration. Vocal Coach Narelle will assess your child's voice during the Trial Class and then advice accordingly. She will also craft a customised effective vocal training plan, but whether your child will be hardworking and pro-active enough to practice, it really depends on them.

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