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View My Customised Singing Notes that I Did for My Students  

Using Dipthongs to Sound Professional

How I Sang O Holy Night

Verse 1:
OH-oo HOH-oo LHEE NAH...ight
The STAHs ZAH BRAH..ightly SHAH...i-ning
Yhee Dis DUH NAHight of (V)our DEEyuh savior's BUH...irth
Long lay the WUHorld, in sin (N)and (N)error PAH...i-ning
Till he (uh)Phee-yuhd, and the soul felt (D)it's WUH....irth
A thrill (L)of hope, the weary world rejoi-SAIRs
For yonder breaks, a NOO (w)and glorious MAW...rn


FAW...ll (L)on your NHEE.....s
O HEE...yuh, the (Y)angel voi-SAIRs
Oh NAH...ight....Dhee VAH...ine
Oh oh oh NAH...ight, when Christ WUHs BAW.....n
Hoh NAH...ight, Dhee VAH....ine
Oh NAH...ight, HOH NAHight DheeVah....ine

How to Perfect the Singing Articulation for English Songs

Adele - Hello - Modified Lyrics

This is what I did for a student who had to perform a cover of Adele's Hello. She struggled with the Singing Articulation as her Singaporean Asian accent is very strong and it came off very harshly when she sang it. So I taught her 2 Techniques. 1. How to tap Open Singing Vowels to give her more vocal freedom and to prevent sounding 'stuck'. 2. Manipulation of Lyrics to Smoothen Articulation. This technique requires you to take out a 'problem' phrase and using the 2nd last or last consonant from the first word to connect it to the second word. For example: "how it" will become "how-Wit". In this case, I selected 'w', the last consonant, from the lyric 'how' to connect it with the lyric 'it'. Applying the open Singing vowels, we can then sing it as "HAHow- WhEEt".

Breaking Down the Vocal Techniques

黄丽玲 - 给我一个理由忘记 (A*Lin - Give Me A Reason To Forget) - Customised Notes & Strategic Planning

I do teach Mandarin songs too and in other langauges as well. Please contact me directly if you'd like to find out more about my work with other languages (i.e. Korean, Japanese, Italian, Malay songs etc.)

I worked with a student who was preparing for a singing competition. She struggled with transitions through the song and she had a very weak connection between her vocal registers, and for this challenging piece, she needed to blend Chest Voice notes very swiftly with Head Voice notes and also between her Belt and Mix Voice Register. I apply colour-coding as I broke down the lyrics for her so that she can better associate and plan her moves accordingly and know when to switch to a particular Vocal Register at the right time. To execute the song well technically, you need to PLAN in advance and know what you need to do. She also did not know how to tackle the Bridge of the song where A*Lin did a set of vocal runs i.e. Woh-oh-oh-oh....Hoo-oo-oo-oo....

I broke down the runs into Sections to make things easier and I recorded my audio-demo for her in slow-motion into her phone so that she knows what notes specifically are involved in this part and the tricks to perfecting this craft and skill.

Customised Vocal Exercises to Solve Her Problems
I customised a Vocal Register Blending vocal exercise for her to practice daily to even out her breaks and smoothen all the necessary transitions to come. 

I also gave her Vocal Riffing exercises to work the flexibility of her vocal folds to help her to perfect the runs.

How to Sing Musical Theatre! Workshop

Breaking down "I Dreamed A Dream"

I conduct workshops in any vocal style. This is something I did for a group of adults who was interested in singing Musical Theatre songs. We did a variety of exercises to get the voice up and ready; ranging from technical Belt Voice workouts, to fun play with Different Voice Characters and finally studying the song, "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables in detail.


If you're interested to find out in greater details about my work and how I can further help you with your singing goals, feel free to contact me or schedule a FREE Vocal Assessment. It will be a 15-Min Assessment and free-of-charge professional consultation. Get a chance to view The Vocal Studio and test and see if you like the learning environment and/or my teaching style! 


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how to perfect singing articulation how to sing adele hello
怎么唱黄丽玲给我一个理由忘记 how to sing like alin gei wo yi ge li you wang ji give me a reason to forget
怎么唱黄丽玲给我一个理由忘记 how to sing like alin gei wo yi ge li you wang ji give me a reason to forget
怎么唱黄丽玲给我一个理由忘记 how to sing like alin gei wo yi ge li you wang ji give me a reason to forget
How to Sing Musical Theatre Singing Workshop
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